Department J

Beef Heifer Superintendent:
   Mills Shallene
   Ron Womack, Robert Johnson

Beef Heifer Judge:
   Shane Meier


1.  The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Beef Cattle Department.

2. A substitution fee of $5.00 may be paid and a substitution made upon arrival to the WCYF Secretary.

3. All beef heifers must be trimmed before arrival on fair grounds. Minor touch up will be allowed. THE HEIFER SHOWS WILL BE BLOW & SHOW. NO PAINT, GLUE, ADHESIVE ETC.

4. Breeding Beef Heifers registration and tattoos will be checked on Thursday, February 29 from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. The superintendent reserves the right to check Beef Heifer tattoos.

5. Registration papers are required on all registered breeding females. No entries will be accepted with papers pending.

All non-registered beef heifers will be classified and shown within the Exotic Division of Breeding Beef Heifers and within the AOB breed. These heifers must be validated at the county validation in December or the date to be determined by the Wise County Youth Fair Board of its delegates.

7. The Breeding Beef Show is limited to female entries. No bulls are allowed.

8. No more than two (2) breeding animals per class may be shown by any one exhibitor.

9. Breeding animals will be put into classes according to their age after all entries are received.

10. Any heifer 20 months of age or older, on the show day, bred or not, will be allowed to show.

11. All seniors and juniors are eligible for showmanship in Beef Heifers.

12. Bedding: NO straw will be allowed in the stalls. Cedar or wood may be used if the exhibitor so desires. ALL TRIM CHUTES ARE TO BE SET UP OUTSIDE THE BARNS. AFTER ANIMALS ARE IN PLACE AND IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE CHUTES WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE.

     Breeding Beef Heifers will be divided in to three (3) divisions:
          - AMERICAN—Beefmaster, Brahman, Brangus, Simbrah, Santa Gertrudis, All other Americans and American Cross.
          - BRITISH—Hereford, Angus, Shorthorn, All other British, Polled Hereford, Red Angus
          - EXOTIC—Simental, Chianina, Maine Anjou, Limousin, AOB and Exotic Crossbreeds.

     Maximum age of heifers is thirty (30) months as of March 1, 2024. NO heifers born before September 1, 2021.
     Heifers must be owned by November 1.
     There must be five (5) head entered and shown to constitute a breed.
     Breeds that have less than 5 animals of the same breed, will be shown with another breed from their respective division.
     Heifers must be trimmed before arriving at the Wise County Youth Fair. Minor touch up will be allowed.

     All breed and reserve breeds will compete for division champions. There will be a division champion and reserve division champion for each breeding beef heifer division.

     All division and reserve division champions will compete for supreme champion and reserve champion breeding beef female.

           **2025 Wise County Your Fair Calf Scramble Class to be added


13. NO entry fee will be required for this class.

14. The heifer must have been conceived and born in Wise County.

15. All heifers competing must have a certificate signed by breeder stating that the heifer was conceived and born in Wise County.

16. All native heifer verification forms must be turned in during Breeding Beef Heifers registration and tattoos  being checked on Thursday from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

17. The highest placing heifer of each class will be eligible to compete.

18. An award will be presented to highest placing heifer.

19. An award will be presented to the breeder of the highest placing heifer.

20. There will not be a native heifer show if a native heifer wins the breeding beef heifer show. In this case the champion breeding beef heifer will also be the champion native heifer.


American Heritage/Endangered Breed
- No entry fees.
- The breed must be one from the current or prior year Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List as Critical or Threatened.
- All entries must have a registration or certification signed by the breeder.
- All "Heritage/Endangered" verification forms must be turned in at the time of registration and /or tag in.
- The highest placing animal of each class within the species will be eligible to compete.
- An award will be presented to the highest placing animal within the species.
- Placing of these animals will have no effect on qualifying for the auction sale.

Native heifer forms should be filled out, signed and mailed or emailed to the WCYF by the entry deadline.

Wise County Youth Fair
PO Box 1062
Decatur, Texas 76234
[email protected]

Native Heifer Form

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Forms should be filled out, signed and mailed or emailed to WCYF by the entry deadline or turned in with weight cards at weigh-in/classification.

Wise County Youth Fair
PO Box 1062
Decatur, Texas 76234
[email protected]

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Form