Department I

     Larry Jennings
Assistant Superintendent:
    Dalton Meadows
    Danny Schertz

Market Lamb Judge:
    Bryson Williams


1. The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Sheep Department.

2. Exhibitor should check with the sheep superintendent upon arrival for pen assignments.

3. Market lambs MUST be ear tagged, nose printed and tattooed at state validation or ear tagged at county tag-in.

4. Animals may be validated or tagged in the family name with exhibitor designated when Weight/Breed Declaration cards are due.

5. Exhibitors of market lambs or their immediate family must own their animals from the county tag in date to the following Show Date.


7. Market lambs will be classified by a classifying team. The judgment of the division classifier is final and is not subject to protest.

8. All market lambs will be classified into five (5) divisions: Southdown, Fine Wool, Fine Wool Cross, Medium Wool, Dorper. There must be five(5) head to constitute a division. If a division does not make the lambs will be shown in the Medium Wool division.

9. The superintendent shall determine the number of lamb classes in each division after all lambs are classified and weight cards are in.

10. Champion & Reserve from each division will compete for OVERALL GRAND and OVERALL RESERVE.

11. The Overall Grand and Reserve, and the Champion and Reserve from each division will be sold, then a percent of each division will be sold staying as close to fourteen (14) lots as possible. It will be divided by the total number of lamb entries in all divisions based on a percentage will be in the sale. Give or take one (1) lamb.

12. A substitution fee of $5.00 may be paid and a substitution made upon arrival to the WCYF Secretary.


1. Market Lamb
           Fine Wool
          Fine Wool Cross
          Medium Wool / Shropshire

               Junior Showmanship, Market Lamb
                Intermediate Showmanship, Market Lamb
               Senior Showmanship, Market Lamb

American Heritage/Endangered Breed 
- No entry fees.
- The breed must be one from the current or prior year Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List as Critical or Threatened.
- All entries must have a registration or certification signed by the breeder.
- All "Heritage/Endangered" verification forms must be turned in at the time of registration and /or tag in.
- The highest placing animal of each class within the species will be eligible to compete.
- An award will be presented to the highest placing animal within the species.
- Placing of these animals will have no effect on qualifying for the auction sale.

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Forms should be filled out, signed and mailed or emailed to WCYF by the entry deadline or turned in with weight cards at weigh-in/classification.

Wise County Youth Fair
PO Box 1062
Decatur, Texas 76234
[email protected]

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Form