HORSE SHOW - Performance
Department L

   Haley Shurden
   Kinzee Shull

  Heather Young

The 2022 WCYF Horse Show will be held at :
         NRS Training Center
         309 CR 4228
         Decatur, TX 


1. The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair, the 4-H State Horse Show Rules, and the following rules will govern the Horse Show.

2. Judging will be based on the horse only in halter classes.

3. Any horse shown must be owned by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family. You cannot show a friend’s horse.

4. Exhibitors may enter all classes but will be allowed to enter only one horse per class. A horse cannot be ridden by two or more riders in any class.

5. There must be a minimum of three (3) entrants per class. If less than three (3) at show management discretion class will be canceled.

6. Exhibitors must check in with the Horse Show Secretary on Monday, February 28th before 7:00 a.m. or Sunday February 27th from 3-5:00 pm. The secretary will assign each exhibitor an exhibitor number card. This card must be displayed on the exhibitor’s back during all classes.

7. All exhibitors must observe the 4-H Dress Code (hat, boots, long sleeve shirts).

8. No stallions will be allowed to show.

9. All exhibitors will show by grade:
   Grade groups are:
          Juniors 3rd—8th grade
          Seniors 9th—12th grade

10. In case of a tie, the tie will be broken using state 4-H rules.

11. Hi Point Awards—One horse/One rider.
          Junior Western Hi Point
          Junior Western Reserve Hi Point (Trophy Halter)
          Senior Western Hi Point
          Senior Western Reserve Hi Point (Trophy Halter)
          Junior English Hi Point
          Junior English Reserve Hi Point (Trophy Halter)
          Senior English Hi Point
          Senior English Reserve Hi Point (Trophy Halter)

          Amy Daniels Memorial Hi Point Award - Awarded to the participant from both days with the most points.

12. To be eligible for high point Performance, horse must be shown in your designated Halter Classes 12-17 or designated Showmanship Classes 10-11 or 18-19. (English showmanship will go to the English hi point awards, Western Showmanship will go to the western hi point awards, halter points will go towards Overall hi point awards and will not apply to division awards.)

13. All exhibitors must bring their current negative Coggins with them to the horse show and present it at time of check-in.

14. Any exhibitor or parent/coach mistreating or correcting an animal which is deemed excessive by the show management will be asked to leave the show grounds immediately and forfeit any and all show fees and premiums.

15. Due to 4-H Rules, Clover Kids and Pee Wee Kids will no longer be able to show at the Wise County Youth Fair. All exhibitors must be at least 8 years old and in the 3rd grade to compete.

Validation papers must be mailed in by entry deadline. Papers are available online.

17. Working Cow Horse—subject to cattle availability, if cattle unavailable will do dry work only.


8:00 A.M. JUMPING WARM UP (2 minute signups at check in)

8:30 A.M. START
1.  Junior Hunter Hack
2. Senior Hunter Hack
3. Junior Equitation Over Fences
4. Senior Equitation Over Fences
5. Senior Open Jumping
6. Junior Hunter Under Saddle
7. Senior Hunter Under Saddle
8. Junior Hunt Seat Equitation
9. Senior Hunt Seat Equitation
10. Junior English Showmanship
11. Senior English Showmanship
12. Registered Mares (4 & under)
13. Registered Mares (5 & over)
14. Grade Mare (All ages) NO papers from any Breed Association
          Grand Champion Mares
15. Registered Geldings (4 & under)
16. Registered Geldings (5 & over)
17. Grade Geldings (All ages) NO Papers from any Breed Assoc.
          Grand Champion Geldings
18. Junior Showmanship
19. Senior Showmanship
20. Junior Stock Horse Trail
21. Senior Stock Horse Trail
22. Junior Western Pleasure
23. Senior Western Pleasure
24. Junior Horsemanship
25. Senior Horsemanship
26. Junior Western Riding (must do flying lead changes per 4-H rules)
27. Senior Western Riding (must do flying lead changes per 4-H rules)
28. Junior Reining
29. Senior Reining
30. Junior Stock Horse Pleasure
31. Senior Stock Horse Pleasure
32. Junior Working Cow Horse
33. Senior Working Cow Horse


WCYF Horse Validation Form

Horse Department forms should be completed, signed and mailed/emailed to the WCYF by the entry deadline.

Wise County Youth Fair
PO Box 1062
Decatur, Texas 76234
[email protected]

WCYF Grade Horse Form

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Forms should be filled out, signed and mailed or emailed to WCYF by the entry deadline or turned in with weight cards at weigh-in/classification.

American Heritage/Endangered Breed 
- No entry fees.
- The breed must be one from the current or prior year Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List.
- All entries must have a registration or certification signed by the breeder.
- All "Heritage/Endangered" verification forms must be turned in with the weight cards or similar.
- The highest placing animal of each class within the species will be eligible to compete.
- An award will be presented to the highest placing animal within the species.
- Placing of these animals will have no effect on qualifying for the auction sale.

American Heritage/Endangered Breed Form